Cable Wakeboarding in Llanelli, North Dock

Stand up Paddle boarding

Imagine a sport that can be a relaxing cruise along the coastline taking in the wild-life, a thorough cardiovascular work-out or a heart pounding adrenaline ride in equal measure – and you’ll know what’s SUP. Stand up paddleboarding, or paddlesurfing, is the latest adrenaline water sport to hit the U.K shores and there is no better place to try it out than at SUP Gower on the stunning Gower peninsula in South Wales.
Stand up paddle surfing (SUP), stand up paddle boarding, or in the Hawaiian language Hoe he’e nalu, is sport originating in Hawaii, an offshoot of surfing, that enables surfers to paddle farther into the ocean than typically. A 2013 report called it the outdoor sporting activity with the most first-time participants of any in that year. Stand up paddle boarding offers surfers the ability to catch more waves in a set, as well as offering a better view of incoming sets (ocean waves they may want to ride that are approaching from the sea). Learning to Stand up paddle board involves patience and balance, you don’t need to be really strong or fit , you just need to choose the right conditions and the best board to suit your needs! Its great way to enjoy the coastline or inland waterways even if you have never had a surf lesson SUP is also getting a lot of praise as a great form of cardiovascular crossover training and considered a great way to exercise and keep in shape even without riding in waves, even Cindy Crawford has been seen with a paddle!


Your first Intro session will get you to grips with the equipment (board & paddle) and how these pieces of equipment can open up a truly versatile sport which works on your ‘core’ balancing technique and allows you to explore the coastline or inland waterways sometimes without even getting wet! Its open to most people from 7 years of age upwards – maximum weight would be 130kg, you will also have to know how to swim. Its all about Standing up, very possibly falling in and having a lot of fun!  

Where and When ?

We offer lessons at Swansea Canal – Clydach check here

We offer lessons at North dock -Llanelli check here

We also offer lessons in Mumbles – Swansea check here      




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