Cable Wakeboarding in Llanelli, North Dock

We’re open for Winter Business

Hi and Welcome So we opened in early August after having lots of issues with the wake tow system itself having an electrical malfunction, this is now sorted ! Vandalism on the Tower heras fencing which we put up for peoples safety , was not welcomed however. We hope to make more of Llanelli North dock as it’s a great venue and we hope to get more support from  Carmarthenshire council  in helping us with a better base or clubhouse for parents/ people to sit and watch their friends on the water out of inclement weather.  
We have been using the cable for Hydrofoil clinics very successfully over the past month or two , take a look at 60 year of Phil Dunn who got up and flying in the picture below
Anyhow our online booking system will now go into nap mode for winter – so if you are interested in having a GO we need 2 people minimum and this is dependant on our availability – e mail – [email protected]
Otherwise see you in spring 2019




    Go wake,
    North Dock,
    Millennium coastal park,
    SA15 2LF.
    Phone: 01792 446511